Showcasting Books

Keeping Books Handy For Kids

Scattering good read material around your home encourages kids to pick up books whenever the mood engages them. Kids begin selective reading on their own timetable when resources are available.

Parents can help with their reading skills by keeping books and magazines around the house; handy in baskets, bookcases, kids room and tables that are accessible to the eye. Once you start this practice, reading on his or her own allows him/her to enjoy books of interest. Then you can ask and answer questions on the materials read.

Bookcases are space efficient to help arrange reading materials into a storage area for easy viewing and accessible.

  • When considering books find out his or her personality traits and preferences when choosing a book.
  • Make a selection based on a child’s specific interest.
  • Find picture books that well illustrated when offering the excitement, experience over and over again that appeals to the child.



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